October 23, 2020

Commercials Pick Up Shark Award for National Lottery

National Lottery Post Production by Screen Scene

We’re delighted to announce our National Lottery spot Origami: Newcastle & Super Mega Jackpot has been awarded a bronze Shark Award under Film Craft: Animation at the 2020 Shark Awards.

Our commercials department teamed up with the brilliant folks at Core. Congratulations to Core’s Creative team Mike Garner, Liam Wielopolski, Paddy Geraghty and Eoin O’Brien and Fiona McGarry, Head of Production.

The National Lottery spot is a fresh take on Lottery ads that would traditionally see the lucky winners jetting away to some far-flung, exotic destination. The origami-themed films open with a national lottery ticket folding into a spectacular adventure scene that is suggestive of a brighter future rather than reminding us of the ‘new normal’.

National Lottery Spot Origami: Newcastle & Super Mega Jackpot wins bronze in the 2020 Shark Awards

The creation of the imaginative origami-style was achieved in collaboration with the talented illustrator Paula McGloin & our Creative Director, Hubert Montag along with our Head of 3D Michael McCarthy. The sound design is by Will Farrell.

For the full story of this creative partnership, read the Little Black Book interview with Hubert Montag, Liam Wielopolski, Fiona McGarry, Finian Murphy, and Smuggler director Jamie Rafn.

Congratulations to the entire team!

Watch the Shark Award-winning spot here.