October 23, 2020

Gogglebox Ireland returns for Season 6

Gogglebox Ireland Post-Production by Screen Scene

The Irish version of the Channel 4 format is back for a brand-new season on Virgin Media.

Season 6 of Gogglebox Ireland kicked off on September 9th featuring two new households, the Saunders from Kilkenny and Gary, his wife Lariche and her brothers Blair and Gilmar from Tallaght along with all our favourite families.

The hit show is fully finished here at Screen Scene with Garret Farrell looking after the sound mix and Warren Dowling in charge of the online edit. Gogglebox Ireland is a collaboration with Kite Entertainment with David Noble as the Series Producer and Karen Reen as the Production Manager.

Our broadcast department works on a very fast turnaround as the show locks late on Tuesday night and we deliver to Virgin Media by 6pm on Wednesday before it airs at 9pm the same evening.

Gogglebox Ireland Logo