Jameson – Scully

Play Commercial

Matthijs Van Heijningen and MJZ London brought us back in time to an Ireland of the early 19th century.

Foggy streets filled with horse-drawn carriages populated with citizens clad in more tweed than a Donegal folk band set the scene in this comedic Jameson period piece.

Allen Sillery attended the shoot in the old cobbled alleys of Dublin town, where modern Dublin city was transformed into a city of old. Period matte paintings were employed, smoking old Victorian chimney stacks and buildings were re-introduced and an old steam-liner nestled in dock was the finishing touch to an already very impressive art department undertaking.

TBWA Dublin
Production Co
Matthijs van Heijningen
VFX Supervisor
Allen Sillery
Allen Sillery / Rob Murray
Hubert Montag / Mike McCarthy