Operation Transformation

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Operation Transformation is a home grown format devised by Vision Independent Productions, and has been part of our family in Screen Scene all the way back to Series 1.

13 Series later it’s stronger than ever, and very much at the heart of the community. Which is what makes this show so very special. Originally airing two half hour eps per week, and now doing one hour weekly, we do our final mix and online of this show on the same day as TX! With the exceptional skills of our eagle eyed mastering team, we deliver to the wire with a perfect record. Once again John O’Riordan brought his design talents to this project, a weighing scales has never looked better! Operation Transformation will be keeping us healthy and fit for years to come.

Vision Independent Productions
Series Producer
Ciaran Gallagher
Head of Production
Mark O’ Neill
Dubbing Mixer
Eoin Ryan / Garret Farrell
Online Editor
Warren Dowling
John O’ Riordan